Chicago – In an effort to expand their offerings in art and culture, Grabinski Group is proud to announce a new partnership with the highly renowned digital art company MyMosaic. Providing a new facet to the company’s portfolio of services, this joint endeavor enhances Grabinsky Group’s ability to provide one of a kind creative installations for clients in Chicagoland and across the country.

With 40 years in business and decades spent on advanced technological development, MyMosaic offers a completely innovative approach to art. By developing mosaics through the use of nanotechnologies and specially developed polymers, MyMosaic is able to apply cutting edge scientific practices to the art world in order to help clients find their perfect creative fit.

“Artistic statements are very important to our clients,” explains Grabinski Group project manager Brandy Grabinski. “Through our new relationship with MyMosaic, we’ll be able to offer completely unique products for a vast number of applications, giving our clients the freedom to design the right mosaic for any space.”

Creative, innovative, and wholly unique, MyMosaic specializes in custom mosaics and art installations, creating a personalized look and feel for any space. By allowing customers to design their own mosaics, guiding the creative process and influencing the final product, MyMosaic can provide truly remarkable, distinctive pieces. With a specialization in corporate spaces, like hotels, restaurants, apartment buildings, condos, and more, this one of a kind corporation can provide the support necessary for companies and properties from coast to coast.

With over 15 distinct interior and design-related companies under their representation, Grabinski Group provides the support and resources necessary to redefine any commercial property. With the addition of MyMosaic to their prestigious offerings, Grabinski Group is prepared to offer comprehensive assistance to upcoming hotels, condos, and apartment building projects to create distinctive living and working spaces.

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