Chicago – The Grabinski Group, a Chicago-based commercial manufacturer rep company, announced a relocation from 954 W. Washington, Suite 415 to 954 W. Washington, Suite 605. Despite the short distance upstairs, making a move has transitioned the company from a small and somewhat restricted workplace into a much larger office with nearly double the usable square footage for workspaces and conference areas. In doing so, the Grabinski Group will be able to manage their larger projects and client base with ease, as well as handle client meetings and professional events in a new and dynamic way.

“I see our move as a step forward for Grabinski Group,” says CEO & President Zach Grabinski. “We’ve been looking forward to the opportunity to expand for a while now, and we are so pleased we can maintain our current location while taking advantage of a larger space.” Despite the costs associated with continued rent in Chicago, the team is happy with their ability to maintain a location within the West Loop area. With close proximity to both downtown and the interstate and just minutes from the Morgan Station stop on the Green and Pink train lines, Grabinski Group is able to remain convenient for clients both inside and outside the city.

With recent additions to the team, Grabinski Group is poised to succeed in a larger suite. The company has added three new employees within the past 18 months, showing a commitment to growth and expansion within the industry. Over the coming year, Grabinski Group hopes to continue to expand, taking on additional work across the United States and the Caribbean.

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