by Brandy Grabinski | COO, Grabinski Group

Offering a unique experience unlike anything on the ground, rooftop amenities are among the hottest trends in hospitality. With amazing views, comfortable environments, and unique opportunities to utilize space, taking your business to the roof can open new doors for any property. Across the U.S., countless hotels, condos, and restaurants are taking advantage of previously unused square footage, creating a luxurious destination for guests and residents alike to unwind and experience a new locale. By offering in-demand dining, relaxing, and socializing potential, the right rooftop furniture can make this summer one to remember.

Hotels across Chicagoland and the U.S. have made the most of rooftop space, creating garden oases hundreds of feet above the ground. “Our guests love our updated rooftop space,” says Ken Andersen, General Manager of a boutique hotel in Palm Beach, Florida. “As soon as we redesigned our pool and patio area, I noticed an uptick in positive reviews. We’ve had more business and more guests due to a few simple changes to our outdoor offerings.”

In today’s luxury-centered market, a selection of lawn chairs isn’t enough. Gone are the days of standard tables, chairs, and umbrellas; modern travelers prefer higher end alternatives that exude class and luxury in a relaxed setting. Sophisticated rooftop, outdoor, and patio spaces, complete with high end furniture and amenities, can attract visitors and residents from across the country. By following current trends and updating your property accordingly, it’s possible to drive business, grow revenues, and create an atmosphere that will keep guests coming back, time and time again.

Stylish Furniture

The right furniture can make or break your decor, influencing everything from the overall atmosphere to the experience you provide for your guests. Old, outdated looking furniture can severely detract from your property, leading to poor reviews and guests who book elsewhere. A small furniture update can make a world of difference, transforming a simple space into something elegant and upscale.

Wicker can be an excellent choice for patio furniture, offering a sleek, sophisticated silhouette and a durable, stylish appearance. Teak is also a popular choice for outdoor chairs and tables, providing a rustic, professional style that fits with virtually any aesthetic preference.

Dining Areas

Patio-style dining areas are extremely popular for rooftop visitors, providing a place to sit back, enjoy a cocktail, and relax in the sun. If your property offers a poolside bar or rooftop cafe, you will be far more likely to attract visitors, creating a chic, hip place to grab a meal. If you aren’t capable of an accompanying food service, providing a place visitors can come with room service or pre-packaged meals can still create a perfect environment to kick back with friends and family. Make sure dining areas offer a variety of table sizes and shapes to accommodate a wide array of gatherings.

Canopies and Awnings

Despite the beauty of outdoor space, there is one unavoidable issue: the weather. On both sunny days and rainy ones, some protection from the elements is necessary. Using canopies and awnings can be a great way to offer sun protection when the weather gets too warm and shelter from the rain for those occasional showers. Awnings and canopies can come in many varieties, including cool, comfortable fabric canopies, wooden decorative models like pergolas, and metal awnings perfect for rain protection.

Fire Pits

If you live in a colder climate, fire pits may be the perfect way to keep your space in use in the spring and fall. Affordable and easy to install, fire pits come in countless sizes, makes, and models, providing the right fit for any space. Available in portable and permanent models, you can make fire pits a part of your installation, or a special feature that comes out whenever the weather cools down. Offering a great place for families to gather while making the most of property, fire pits can be the ideal solution for the off season.

High-End Brands

The right brands can transform your rooftop space, providing you with a go-to area your guests will love. Grabinski Group is proud to represent some of the top names in summer furniture, including Summer Classics, Blue Leaf, and Grosfilex. Offering classic, upscale, and modern pieces perfect for creating the outdoor atmosphere you have in mind, these unique brands can help you achieve a customized appearance right for any space. Whether you’re seeking a small, sophisticated patio area or a sprawling luxury pool deck, the right pieces can make all of the difference.

Grabinski Group has worked on dozens of boutique hotels and premium hospitality properties, offering the design support and custom interior services necessary to transform any outdoor or indoor space. If you’re ready to give your existing property a face lift or provide the best possible design services for new construction, Grabinski Group can work with you to create the look you want, no matter your vision. Contact us today to learn more about our unique design abilities, successful properties, and portfolio of companies under our representation.


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