Unalome Furniture from Bali: The Unalome symbol represents transcendence and enlightenment. And, that’s exactly what Unalome delivers through their company ethos and furniture design. They live up to their vision of ‘going against the grain’.

Ako Ardalan and Michel Schoppe have nurtured Unalome for over 28 years. With teams of architects, designers, artisan carpenters and master craftsmen Ako and Michel steer the company’s focus on sustainable design, responsible sourcing and respect for each other. And, their values are visible through the thoughtful and beautiful furniture and accessories they create.

Unalome manufactures its lines in Bali and works with hospitality clients around the world. Grabinski Group is proud to have Unalome as a partner. Visit their website to learn more and download a catalog.


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Unalome Furniture from Bali

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