​Durable, easy-to-install, LEED Certified, waterproof and, of course, beautiful. SPC Flooring by Belstone has carpeting beat, out-performs wood and vinyl, and is more reliable than LVT as a sustainable flooring option for hotels, restaurants, senior living, multi-family, apartments and other facilities that need lasting and attractive floors.

What does SPC Flooring by Belstone offer that LVT and other flooring doesn’t?

  • A core composite of limestone and PVC which provides a rigid construction that makes this flooring highly resistant to impact and indentation
  • SPC requires no adhesive, resulting in faster, easier, cost effective installation and allowing to it ‘float’ over subfloor imperfections
  • Waterproof — yes, waterproof! No warping or bubbling due to water infiltration or humidity. And, SPC is guaranteed for 20 years
  • An array of eye-catching styles and colors to accommodate your design vision

Grabinski Group is proud to be partnering with Belstone to offer this unique, affordable and long-lasting flooring to our clients. If your hotel group has not yet approved SPC, we can work with them on a project-by-project basis until full approvals are granted. You need this flooring — your construction teams will love how easy it is to install, your finance team will love the value, your designer will love all of the style options, and, most importantly, your guests will love the look and feel of SPC Flooring by Belstone!

For more information and/or samples please reach out to your Sales Associate, inquire through our website or call our office at 312.243.7313.


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