The days of not “mixing business with pleasure” when traveling are over. Business activities are creeping into leisure travel (blogging and Instagramming, for example). And, leisure detours are quickly becoming a staple of business travel. With the blurring of the distinction between the two types of travelers, it is now easier than ever to appeal equally to both of these groups when designing and marketing the amenities of your hotel.

There are a number of amenities that are valuable to both types of travelers:

  • Free, high-speed internet and WIFI
  • Comfortable, roomy guest rooms—with space to lounge and work
  • Ample entertaining diversions—pools, fitness rooms, gathering areas

Additionally, all guests are now looking for:

  • Lots of access to in-room electrical outlets. Devices, devices, devices—families and business guests have lots of them and they need to be juiced and ready to go!
  • Quick, accessible breakfasts and coffee. Business guests needs to get down to business and leisure guests want to get started with their fun-filled day. Breakfast is a great way to appeal to everyone’s needs for a quick, satisfying start to their day.
  • Engaging, informative maps and brochures of the area where your hotel resides. Vacationers want to easily find the best sights, and business travelers, too, are carving out time to take in a diversion or two.

Adding and honing these amenities will solidify that your hotel is business/leisure-friendly and a destination for all types of guests:

  • Easy accesses to local transportation—your guests (business and leisure) know where they want to go—now they need to get there.
  • Loyalty programs are valuable for both business and leisure travelers. Leisure travelers are looking for price value and business travelers enjoy the perks. Your hotel should feel like a second home—comfortable, friendly, easy to navigate, lots to do. For both your leisure and business guests.


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